Abstract submission is open

Abstract submission

You may submit your abstract via the electronic submission form in Your Account webpage. All fields for abstract submission are displayed automatically.

Submitted abstracts should not be previously published or sent for publication in other journals.

All theses will be peer-reviewed, the authors of the best works will be invited to make an oral presentation at the Congress or to take part in the poster session.

Abstracts will be published in the authors’ edition.

The decision of acceptance will be announced by October 1, 2019.

Only reports from registered authors will be included in the programme and in the syllabus of the conference.

For any questions regarding abstract submission please email the Organising Committee of the Congress at abstract@regenerative-med.ru


Theses are accepted within the undermentioned areas:

1. Body development and renewal mechanisms:

Embryonic stem cells and developmental biology

Postnatal and induced pluripotent stem cells

Molecular mechanisms of cell differentiation and transdifferentiation

Biological fundamentals of regenerative processes and renewal of organs and tissues

Secretory activity of stem cells in regeneration: paracrine factors, extracellular vesicles, and transfer of genetic information.

2. Cell therapy:

Use of biomaterials and cellular structures for tissue engineering

Cell therapy for tissue regeneration and treatment of hereditary diseases

Biosafety aspects and control of cell therapy

Development of practical methods of cell therapy in various fields of medicine (surgery, cardiology, neurology, etc.)

3. Gene therapy in regenerative medicine:

Gene therapy drugs for stimulation of regenerative processes

Stem cells modification for increase in therapeutic potential and treatment for monogenic diseases

Methods of genome editing in regenerative medicine

4. Development, research and production of biomedical cellular products:

Regulation in regenerative medicine

The aspects of specialist training in the area of development, production and control of biomedical cellular products

Preclinical research and quality assurance of the biomedical cellular products

Instruction for abstract submission

For any questions regarding abstract submission, please email the Organising Committee at abstract@regenerative-med.ru

1. SUBMISSION: Abstracts are accepted via electronic submission system in your personal profile.
2. DEADLINE: The deadline for electronic submissions is September 1, 2019.
3. PRESENTATION TYPE: All abstracts will be considered for oral presentation or poster presentation according to your selection. 
4. NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications of acceptance will be sent by October 1, 2019.
5. SUBMISSION QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding the submission please email the Congress Secretari at abstract@regenerative-med.ru

Abstracts publication

Abstracts accepted to the 4th National Congress on Regenerative Medicine will be published in «Genes and Cells» journal (indexed in Scopus).